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Club Fm, Mallorca - Monday 01:00

One Nation Fm, Argentina - Monday 08:00

PHEVER, Ireland - Monday 20:00

DNA Radio Fm, Argentina - Tuesday 18:00

Light Wave Radio, Greece - Wednesday 01:00

DASH Radio, USA - Wednesday 05:00

StudioSoundsRadio, Germany - Wednesday 18:00

G One Radio, France & Belgium - Wednesday 23:00

Traxx FM, Switzerland - Thursday 02:00

Groove City Radio, Glasgow, UK - Thursday 15:00

Radio FG, France - Thursday 17:00

RTE Pulse - Thursday 23:00

Cafe Mambo Radio, Ibiza, ES  - Friday 00:00

The Blue Underground, USA - Friday 04:00


Thaivisa.com, Thailand - Friday 12:00

DataBass, South Africa - Kagiso Media - Friday 15:00

FOA Radio, South Korea - Friday 20:00

Data Transmission Radio, UK - Friday 22:00

Club DJ Radio, Monaco - Friday 23:00

Radio Party Groove, Torino, IT - Saturday 01:00

African Crest Radio. South Africa - Saturday 08:00

Muusic(Dot)fm - Saturday 03:00

Real House Fm, Usa - Saturday 12:00

LocoLDN Radio, London, UK - Saturday 23:00

Megapolis FM, Moscow, Russia - Sunday 05:00

Alpha Radio, Bulgaria - Sunday 17:00

Pioneer DJ Radio, Spain - Sunday 18:00

Radio FG, Turkey - Sunday 20:00

54 House FM, Germany - Sunday 21:00


Flashmob is synonymous with House music. 
The Italian spinner has a long standing affinity with all things house
and has been one of the top purveyors of the genre these last few years. 
From his huge 2011 release, ‘Need In Me’ on Defected, 
which has amassed over 18million plays via You Tube, 
as well as a string of releases on some of the most discerning house labels
currently out there Flashmob’s musical output is always of the highest calibre. 
The Flashmob global radio show echoes that sentiment and aims to bring together
a collection of all things house presented by the main man himself. 
Each month Sandro invites some of the industries most revered acts
in for the guest mix alongside presenting
and unearthing some of the industries most promising new acts.
In the beginning there was House…